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ChokeFree Pet Shoulder Collar, 11", Metallic Bronze
  • ChokeFree Pet Shoulder Collar, 11", Metallic Bronze
  • ChokeFree Pet Shoulder Collar, 11", Metallic Bronze

ChokeFree Pet Shoulder Collar, 11", Metallic Bronze


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  • Pet wellness and prevention of restraint injuries begins with ChokeFree Does not put pressure on airway
  • Beautiful leather construction Attractive paw ornaments Trendy colors Stylish design Pet friendly Very comfortable
  • Alternative to conventional neck collars and harnesses that are difficult to install Easy on easy off
  • Perfect for use with Paw Rider Proactive solution to pet choking Prevents injuries
  • Unique design does not put pressure on airway No gagging or coughing on restraint

  • ChokeFree is a revolutionary Step-N-Wrap designed, innovative concept in pet restraints. ChokeFree features a non-choking one-piece shoulder collar that wraps around a pet's shoulders and is secured with a Val-Lock Closure. Pet Wellness and prevention of neck injuries begins with ChokeFree. ChokeFree is an easy to wear, pet-friendly alternative to conventional pet harnesses. The easy-on/easy-off design is for all pets and makes walking a delightful experience for both owners and pets. ChokeFree makes it possible to walk a pet without causing pressure on the pet's neck and airway. ChokeFree combines the one piece simplicity of a conventional collar with the features of a harness. The patented closure utilizes a new technology whereby a D-ring is placed through hook and loop making it possible to secure and restrain a pet without any buckles, clasps, etc. Many pets can have trouble breathing when they pull against a restraint leash while wearing a conventional collar or harness that puts pressure against their airway. Many times the smaller breed dogs experience a condition called collapsed trachea when pressure is placed against their windpipe and they cough and make a honking noise. Pet owners can help with this condition by restraining their pet with a type of harness that does not place pressure on the pet's trachea. The unique design of the ChokeFree Pet Shoulder Collar does not place pressure against the pet's neck, fore chest or airway. ChokeFree is a pro-active solution to pet choking problems. ChokeFree helps to eliminate choking and pet neck related injuries before they can occur. With ChokeFree, there is absolutely no coughing on restraint. The Shoulder Collar has attractive paw ornaments and is available in beautiful vibrant colors to fit pets that measure from 8 inches to 28 inches in chest circumference just behind the pet's front legs. One inch should be added to the chest measurement to determine the correct size.


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    Brand ChokeFree
    Color Metallic Bronze
    Size 11\"
    Weight 0.00

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