PetzoneTM Parasite Inhibitor Bio AppTM Drug Free Alternative

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PetzoneTM Parasite Inhibitor Bio AppTM Drug Free Alternative

Do you have to visit your veterinarian to often? Place a Bio App patch under the water bowl, and the food bowl. The Parasite Inhibitor awakens your pets immune system to naturally defend against pathogens.Replace with a new patch every two months.During a study of homeopathic remedies, we developed a product designed as a barrier to microscopic infestations. The Parasite Inhibitor for pets have six specific energetic signatures that are electrometrically programmed into the Non-toxic seal.By attaching one (1) self-adhering Parasite Inhibitor seal to the bottom of your pets' food and water bowls, your animals will receive a safe, non-toxic energetic signature that works to maintain the proper energy level needed to fight off parasites. The Parasite Inhibitor emits specific frequencies that your animal absorbs while eating or drinking.Package contains Ten (10) Bio AppTM PatchesMade in America

Features of PetzoneTM Parasite Inhibitor Bio AppTM Drug Free Alternative

  • Naturally enhances your pets immune system
  • Naturally defends against pathogens like parasites, worms and microscopic infestations
  • 100% Drug Free Alternative
  • Easily placed under food/water bowl, replacing every 2 months.
  • Easy and simple to use. Safe for dogs, cats and birds!

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