3 Pcs Harley Baby Flea & Tick Collar Band for Cat 1 Year Protection

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3 Pcs Harley Baby Flea & Tick Collar Band for Cat 1 Year Protection

DESCRIPTION:Harley Baby Flea & Tick Collar for cats kills fleas, ticks (including those carrying Lyme disease) and flea eggs and flea larvae to prevent re-infestations. It begins killing adult fleas immediately when placed around pet's neck and reaches maximum flea and tick killing effectiveness within a few days. Each collar remains effective against adult fleas and ticks for up to 4 months, even when it gets wet from swimming or a bath. When placing on your pet, be sure to leave 2-3" on the collar for growth adjustment. Do not place on cats under 3 weeks of age.ACTIVE INGREDIENTS:Tetrachlorvinphos.........9.15%Neem oil..................7.30%Citronella oil............3.35%Geranium oil..............2.20%DIRECTIONS FOR USE:Place collar around pet's neck, adjust for fit, and buckle in place. The collar must be worn loosely to allow for growth of the pet and to permit the collar to move about the neck.PACKAGE INCLUDING:3 x Cat Collar in box (Remains effective up to 1 year)Dimension: 6.5 - 9.4 inch Long at most .

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