Mavel Training Pads for Dogs and Cats

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Mavel Training Pads for Dogs and Cats

Mavel 100% Absorbent Training Pads for puppies, adult dogs, older dogs, and cats. 50-Pc. Value Pack - 100% Satisfaction + 9.99$ eBook for FREE • Super Absorbing - Up to 4 Cups of Liquid • New Technology - Converts Urine to Gel to Prevent Leaks and Spills • No Wet Floors - Quick-Drying Surface and Waterproof Backing • Specially Developed for Housebreaking a puppy or dog - Natural Attractant and Odor Neutralizer • Perfect Size - 23" x 22" 4-Layer Dog Foot Pads Completely Trap Urine ... No Leaks, Tracks or Smells. One of the best Wee Wee Pads for House-train your puppy or give your aging dog some welcome relief with minimum muss and fuss! Puppy and Older Dog Housebreaking Pads from Mavel Mavel Housebreaking Training Pads are the ultimate solution. First, rest assured that your floors will stay dry, thanks to the waterproof plastic backing sheet. It's completely sealed to the upper layers so there's no chance of leaking. Next comes a super-absorbent core of polymer and USA-produced pulp that uses new technology to instantly turn urine to gel. Holding up to 4 cups of liquid, each pad can be used several times before you need to throw it out. Features •100% High Absorbency. •Attractant Scent & Odor Neutralizer. •Holding up to 4 cups of liquid. •Can be used several times before you need to throw it out. •Dogs instinctively know that this is where to "go;" and you won't smell a thing. •The last layer is a quick-drying coverallows maximum flow-through and prevents dogs from tracking urine onto the floor as they leave the pad. •Above the core is tissue saturated with dog attracting and odor neutralizing agents. •Designed for: •Little Dogs and Puppies •Older Dogs and Adult Dogs •Cats Housebreaking Your Puppy or Older Dog with Training Pee Pads 1.Familiarize your dog or puppy with the attractant by placing them on training pad. 2.Provide a treat as an award when they use the training pad. 3.Pad can be re-used.

Features of Mavel Training Pads for Dogs and Cats

  • For Puppies, Older/Adult Dogs, even Cats: Super Absorbing Pee Pad, 7g SAP (Aprox700 ml.) Tired of training pads that overflow or have to be replaced after every use? Mavel housebreaking training pads hold an amazing 4 cups of urine.
  • Wee wee training pad stays DRY Top & Bottom! The quick-drying surface prevents him from tracking onto your floors, while the waterproof backing stops seep-through. Convert the liquid to gel so it can't run or drip. Plus, you SAVE MONEY because each pad can be used several times before it reaches capacity.
  • ATTRACTANT Scent & Odor Neutralizer Dog Foot Pads Make Your Life Easier! You won't smell the natural attractant, but your dog will! It sends him a territorial signal that he should eliminate here, making your training job easier. The training pads also contain an odor neutralizer to help prevent urine smells in your home.
  • 100% Money BACK Guarantee! Mavel delivers on its promises, guaranteed. If you are not satisfied in any way, your money will be refunded.
  • 23" x 22" Size is ideal for training a puppy to pee on a pad as well as small to medium adult dogs who are incontinent due to age or health reasons. Especially suitable for housebreaking indoor dogs, pets in season and transportation of pets.

Specifications of Mavel Training Pads for Dogs and Cats

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