MSE Natural Defense, 3-pak (3 9-oz. Shakers)

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MSE Natural Defense, 3-pak (3 9-oz. Shakers)

MSE Natural Defense (formerly called "MSE Hypo Defense") is a purified and palatable probiotic for pets with allergies and other special needs, for those that experience stress on a daily basis, or for maximum control of litter box odor (mainly ammonia). It can help control loose stools and diarrhea, which are often a symptom of Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI) and Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). MSE Natural Defense has also been shown to reduce the symptoms of allergy in most dogs.The body reacts to allergens (both food and environmental) as if they were pathogens. Allergies are actually an immune response that results in chronic scratching and biting. Constant irritation and scratching is stressful, and stress reduces the ability of the body to fight infection. This means an allergic pet is trapped in a vicious cycle that leaves them vulnerable to infection. Break the cycle by feeding MSE Natural Defense every day. MSE Natural Defense contains a substance that has been shown to block the immunoglobulin that triggers allergy symptoms. Most allergic dogs fed MSE Natural Defense had reduced symptoms after four days.MSE Natural Defense is hypoallergenic, reinforces compromised immune systems, and reduces symptoms of allergy in most dogs. MSE Natural Defense has the same microorganisms as MSE Daily Boost, but at approximately 3 times the concentration. Like MSE Daily Boost, MSE Natural Defense is intended for daily use. Not recommended for pets with asthma. MSE Microbial paste should be used instead.Guaranteed AnalysisLactobacillus acidophilus.........4.0 x 108 CFU/g.(400,000,000 CFU)Lactobacillus casei..................4.0 x 108 CFU/g.(400,000,000 CFU)Streptococcus faecium............4.0 x 108 CFU/g.(400,000,000 CFU)Bifidobacterium longum............4.0 x 108 CFU/g.(400,000,000 CFU)Saccharomyces cerevisiae......2.0 x 108 CFU/g.(200,000,000 CFU)CFU/g: Colony-Forming Units per gram

Features of MSE Natural Defense, 3-pak (3 9-oz. Shakers)

  • Concentrated probiotic for pets with chronic health problems
  • Should only be used with dried food, use MSE Natural Defense Soluble or MSE Liquid Rescue with canned or cooked food
  • Helps control litter box odor
  • See all our probiotics at
  • Manufactured in Horton, Kansas, U. S. A.

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