Scour-aid, 7 Lb. Jug

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Scour-aid, 7 Lb. Jug

For the all-natural treatment of diarrhea, both chronic and occasional, in cats and dogs.Bentonite, the main ingredient in Scour-aid, has been shown to trap water, toxins, viruses, bacteria, radiation, and heavy metals, and safely carry them out of the animal body. Bentonite is not broken down by microorganisms and is inert to the body. Scour-aid can be used internally for the treatment of diarrhea and externally (as a thick paste) on cuts and abscesses.Scour-aid is safe to use with cats, does not contain aspirin like Kaopectate.RecommendationsFor animals that are eating: Top-dress or mix in wet or dry feed 1 (cats and small dogs) teaspoon to 1 Tablespoon (large dogs) once or twice a day. For animals that are not eating: Mix 1 teaspoon to 1 Tablespoon with water and give orally by syringe.Mix well when adding to water. May thicken and/or settle quickly. Works within 24 hours, but may need to be repeated for several days. Manufactured in Horton, Kansas, U.S.A. Should be used with either MSE Natural Defense, MSE Natural Defense Soluble, or MSE Microbial Drench.Ingredients: Sodium bentonite, pectin, and electrolytes (sodium bicarbonate, calcium carbonate, and sodium chloride).12 oz shaker - $10.517 lb. jug $30.01

Features of Scour-aid, 7 Lb. Jug

  • For the all-natural treatment of occasional or chronic diarrhea in cats, dogs, and livestock
  • Can be top-dressed on wet or dry food (if animal is eating) or mixed with water and given orally by syringe
  • Use approximately 1 teaspoon/10 lb. of body weight
  • Dose can be divided and given twice a day
  • Made in Horton, Kansas, U. S. A.

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