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Wren House, 1" Hole Size

This Woodlink Cedar Bird house is specifically designed for wrens. The bird house as an interior I-b..

Upside down finch feeder

Woodlink's tails up upside down finch feeder is 17-1/4-inch tall tube with 6 seeds ports that encour..

Traditional Wren House, 1" Hole Size

The Woodlink cedar traditional wren house is specifically designed for wrens. The 1" entrance hole i..

Traditional Wren House, 1 1/8" Hole

Audubon Traditional Wren House Model NAWREN..

Sunflower Suet Feeder

Woodlink Sunflower Hanging Suet Feeder is bright yellow Sunflower shaped hanging suet feeder - attra..

Sunflower Stake

Woodlink Sunflower Stake is bright yellow sunflower atop a green metal stake inviting birds to your ..

Squirrel Diner

Woodlink Squirrel Diner provided a diversionary feeder for squirrels to keep them away from your bir..

Squirrel Box Feeder

Woodlink squirrel feeders are cute and entertaining. Munch box can be mounted to a fence or tree wit..

Small Hanging Platform Feeder

Birds fly freely to all sides of Woodlink's small handcrafted natural cedar platform feeder. The fee..

Reflective Red Bird's Choice

Roof locks securely to keep squirrels out of hopper. Includes hanger and pole mounting hardware. Lar..

Red Humminbird Nectar - 8 oz.

Individual Box of Red Hummingbird Nectar..

Plastic Magnum Sunflower Screen Feeder

Decorative and functional, the Plastic Magnum Sunflower Screen Feeder feeds more birds than any othe..

Picnic Table Ear Corn Squirrel Feeder

This unique squirrel feeder from Woodlink is as functional as it is entertaining! The Picnic Table S..

Multi Position Wall Bracket

Woodlink's multi position wall bracket features an innovative design which assures that birds can ac..

Metal Mealworm Feeder - Orange

Treat your orioles to this Woodlink bright orange jelly feeder designed specifically for orioles! Ho..

Metal Mealworm Feeder - Blue

Metal Mealworm Feeder Holds a variety of seeds mealworms jelly and fruitFeatures. Color - Blue. Dime..

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